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About our Doors

Iron Doors- click here for a pdf file of our iron door features

Forged from the highest quality materials and hammered by hand, our exquisite entry doors will beautifully enhance the architectural style of any home or business.  Our iron 

doors are fabricated at our facility in Monterrey, Mexico.  The scrolled iron is hot forged by hand and brought to life by skilled craftsmen that have years of experience handcrafting each door one scroll at a time.  

  • Features Operable Glass- Operable glass opens independently from the door to provide for easy cleaning of the glass, added security, or just to let in the fresh air. We recommend operable glass windows on all doors that have scrolled ironwork to provide for easy cleaning of the glass.
  • Building Codes and Certification- Our doors have passed engineering and product testing to certify them for Design Pressure ratings and impact tolerances. Because every door is custom, we will work with the dealer, architect or builder to understand the specific structural requirements and building codes required for your area. Commercial and public buildings have their own set of access and structural requirements considered in our design process. We will design the doors to meet your specialized needs.  
  • Florida Certified- Doors by Design is proud to be Florida Certified.  Impact glass, outswing configurations, specialized installation, and engineering certification are just a few of the requirements for the most vulnerable coastal areas.  
  • Built for Security- Fourteen-gauge steel provides the strength necessary to meet the most rigid hurricane ratings without adding unnecessary weight.  Our doors come in a 2-inch or 1.5-inch thickness, and we can help you decide on the right thickness for your project.  We have 5/8 inch and 1/2 inch size scrollwork available, and our mortised ball-bearing hinges support the weight of the steel doors and provide for easy operation. 
  • Built for Comfort- Our doors and frames, including the door panels, are injected with Polyurethane foam and we provide insulated tempered or laminated clear glass, or you can choose from many of our additional glass options.  The compression weather stripping on the door and operable window frames provide insulation, and the adjustable thresholds offer the ability to keep your opening weather-tight.  
  • Maintenance-free Beauty- A rust inhibitor and seven-step automotive paint process create a smooth-to-the-touch finish that requires no upkeep.  
  • Installation Instructions- Click here to read our detailed installation instructions.  




  •  cleaning your iron doorCleaning all surfaces with a mild soap, water, and a non-abrasive cloth will help the finish on your door age gracefully. 

    Water conditions vary across the country. Chemicals and minerals in the water and air can adversely affect the finish. We recommend that you rinse away any traces of soap and gently dry with a clean soft cloth after each use.

    Do not use materials such as window cleaners, toothpaste, nail polish remover, or caustic cleaners.  

    Doors installed in coastal areas require hinge oil on an annual basis.   3-IN-One Multi-purpose oil is recommended.

    Touch-Up Instructions (click here for a pdf file of touch up instructions)

    Doors are shipped in wood crates from Mexico and protected, but it is not uncommon for doors to suffer some minor scratches in shipping, uncrating, and installing. 

    Note: These doors are hand-hammered wrought iron and a certain amount of marring or imperfection is to be expected. They are one-of-a-kind works of art and some of the marks add character and authenticity to the door.

    Instructions for Minor Scratch Touch-Ups

    Shake Touch-up Paint supplied with the door.   Dab scratch with touch-up paint and let dry.

    Instructions for Refinishing a Larger Section of an Iron Door

    Contact  Doors by Design for touch up paint.

    If there are dents, chips, or dings in the door, you may need to patch the area with automotive bondo.  This type of repair should be performed by an individual who has experience working with bondo.


    Other Supplies Needed: Gin cloth, medium enamel paint reducer, metal primer,

    semi-flat black "Krylon"  industrial aerosol spray paint, heavy duty latex gloves, "000"  steel wool and "bondo".  Medium reducer can be purchased where automotive paint is available.

    Prep area for repair and clean well.

    1. When you have repaired area with bondo and it is smooth with surface area around. Apply flat black industrial "Krylon" as a base coat and let dry.

    ApplyING TOUCH UP paint (provided by  Doors by Design).

    1. Mix with the medium paint reducer. Note: This is not a science, so you mix to match – approximately 1 part paint with 9 parts reducer. Make sure to stir regularly.
    2. While wearing heavy-duty rubber gloves, dip the gin cloth into the paint and reducer mixture, wring out thoroughly, and pat dry with a dry cloth. Dab gin cloth onto a part of the door that will not be conspicuous to test the color. Note: Outside of jamb is typically a good place to test color. Let dry and then add paint or reducer for closest match and try again (the paint dries quickly so it shouldn't take long).  Once the paint has been mixed to match the door the bondo area is ready for color paint.
    3. Tape off the area you are touching up with painter's tape, especially around the hinges.   Dab the area with a very light coat (if you dab too much it will lift the black).  Let dry and repeat as necessary.
    4. If additional blending of the treated area to the rest of the door is necessary, use some fine steel wool to blend it all together. Some times we use clear satin polyurethane spray from minwax to blend the satin finish.
    Alternate touch up and refinishing your iron door
    For bronze or cinnamon color you will need to use a gin cotton rag and go over the door with the copper solution described above. Once you have the color as you like you can then spray using minwax satin polyurethane to blend in the finish.

    Wood Doors- 

    • Wood Choices- Our hardwood doors are made of the finest quality timber including African, Brazillian, Honduran and Indonesian Mahogany, Honduran Cedar, South American Oak, Andean Walnut, Malaga Cherry, Premium Knotty Alder, and Hard Maple.  Our signature collection of doors are defined by the use of these beautiful woods and by the combining of exceptional design and construction with the elements of patterned and beveled glass, metal caming, forged iron and unique, decorative hardware.  
    • Forest Stewardship- We are committed to using wood products that are certified as having been responsibly harvested from well managed forests  that adhere to strict environmental and socioeconomic standards and are in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council (ESC).  You can be sure that the timber used to create your door does not come from endangered wood species.  



    Click here to read our warranty.

    Total Quality Control- 

    Doors by Design is totally committed to ensuring that all of our products and services are designed to meet or exceed our customer's expectations.  Before any of our products leave the manufacturing facility, they are fully inspected by one of our quality control team members to ensure that the customer receives the perfectly finished unit that was custom made to their exact specification.